About me

"The  young talent of the German peace movement" - Rüdiger Lenz (book author)
Hi. I am Simon, better known as DJ Kaito. I am a German musician and HipHop artist from Han(n)over. I was born on 2nd August 1997. Since I was a kid I love music. So I decided in 2011 to record coversongs and put them on YouTube. One Year later I published my first mixtape "DJ Kaito Nr.1" which gain attantion in my hometown.
The Musicvideos "6. October" (2012) and "Don't wanna be a Quader" (2015) went viral with over 5.000 views in one day.
In 2015 I gave my first concerts and in 2016 I got my first Tour across Lowersaxony and Hamburg. Since than I am a menber of the Peace vilgil Hannover.
Beside my Solo activity I am the head behind the music project Vier Sterne Delxue. I founded it with my friend DJ Sheldon. He left it in 2015 but other musicians like DJ Amph3x, Si-To MC, Sintakk and DJ Moesql joint the project.
I was the CEO of the German version of the YouTube wikia from 2015 to July 2018 - one of the most important wikias in Germany, Austria and Swiss. Today I am he Social Media Manager of it.